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A Whisper

by John Kremer

And so I had this one certain vision.

I was running along side the cars on the freeway
running even ahead of them
gloriously flowing faster than they
faster than they could possibly go
streaking by them as a photon of light
faster than light itself
as a blur
exceeding even myself
past the shell.

Faster yet, beyond everything,
streaking even faster, beyond, beyond.

Shaking loose the very fabric of existence
breaking the cord
severing the tie
trampling upon its remains
dancing as I ran
shaking loose even the final fleeting fragments
bursting into wild delirium.

Beyond delusion
beyond chaos
beyond the static pump-pump of time
into that which sets the beat
marching only to that drum,
with dignity
with patience

And seeming in the other world
to be but a flash
a low hum in the wind
a mere whisper
then gone.

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Copyright 2018 by John Kremer
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